Jesse Helms Dies — Daily Kos Celebrates "Rat Bastard's" Death

“”What is really at stake is whether or not America will allow the cultural high ground in this nation to sink slowly into an abyss of slime to placate people who clearly seek or are willing to destroy the Judaic-Christian foundations of this republic.”

Jesse Helms

Former Sen. Jesse Helms passed away this morning. He was 86.
In an e-mail interview with The Associated Press in 2005, Helms said he hoped what future generations learn about him “will be based on the truth and not the deliberate inaccuracies those who disagreed with me took such delight in repeating.” He opposed the Panama Canal treaties that President Jimmy Carter pushed through a reluctant Senate in 1977.

The Heritage Foundation honors Helms today.

As predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise…
The leading Democratic blog is celebrating:

Jesse Helms, you rat bastard, burn in hell.

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Here’s another…
Please Excuse Me While I Dance Upon His Grave

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One more…
A moment of anachronism for Jesse Helms death

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Charles Johnson has more on the unhinged and predictable rage on the Left.

The hateful loons at Americablog have joined in.
Hat Tip Quotecritter
Keep it classy, Democrats.

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