Jailed Iranian Women Activists Begin Hunger Strike

Manda Zand-Ervin and Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi, mother and daughter, are Iranian activists and president and co-founder of Alliance of Iranian Women. This week the two teamed up to write about the daily struggles facing women under the brutal regime controlling Iran. The article is posted HERE at Wowowow.com.
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Women are discriminated against by the regime in Iran but they are still allowed to be human shields at the nuke plants.

Just this week, 10 Iranian women’s rights activists began a hunger strike from their cells in Evin Prison to protest their harsh treatment.
AKI reported:


Ten Iranian women activists imprisoned in the notorious Evin Prison have begun a hunger strike to protest against what they consider harsh treatment.

The women are aged from 17 to 70 and were arrested in the Iranian capital, Tehran, only a fortnight ago.

“These women, the youngest 17 years old and the oldest 70 years old, were arrested two weeks ago in one of Tehran’s parks, Mellat Park, while they were collecting signatures calling for a revision of the laws that discriminate against women,” women’s rights’ activist Mahboubeh Akrami told Adnkronos International (AKI) on Wednesday.

But, not everyone is convinced about the suffering in Iran…
The People’s Cube sent a report that artist Tom Loughlin is going to set up an exhibit on Iran at both the DNC and RNC on Iran, glossing over the horrible human rights record of the regime.

Tom is probably not aware of the dozens of women who have been hung in public in the first five months of the Iranian year according to state-owned press reports.
HERE is Tom Loughlin’s website where you can view his images and leave comments.

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