It's Come to This… Hillary Backers Are Now Receiving Death Threats From Obama Supporters

More Hope, Change, Unity & Death Threats…

Obama supporters are now threatening Hillary backers.
…With death.

Doug Ross reported on this latest development at PUMA Pac:

PUMA Pac reported:

Senator Obama’s supporters asked Hillary Clinton to publicly distance herself from a long-time Hillraiser fundraiser and loyal supporter, Ricki Lieberman, who is working day and night to save our party from a landslide loss in November by highlighting the weaknesses of Obama the candidate. Senator Clinton promptly complied.

Perhaps we should ask Senator Obama to “distance” himself from his supporters who are threatening women who oppose him with death? What do YOU think HIS response will be?


So far, my list includes these women. If you have received threats of violence or death from Obama supporters because of your political activities or writing, or you know someone who has, please tell us in comments. Also send me an email at [email protected]

Diane at JSND
Murphy at Puma PAC
Paula Abeles
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee
Patsy, Soldier For Hillary
Sugar from PA
IP from Puma PAC

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee is one of the Hillary supporters listed as receiving death threats.

The members at PUMA Pac are not the only Hillary supporters receiving death threats.
Doug Ross has the latest list.

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