It Must Suck Being Joe Wilson Today

It’s a bummer when the truth bubbles to the surface…

Do you remember when Valerie Plame sent her husband Joe Wilson to Niger?

Although she denied it several times, Plame did indeed come up with the idea that her husband would be an ideal candidate to sort out the Niger/Iraq uranium sale question.

In fact, here’s a copy of the memo–
An unclassified government document, the Carl Ford Jr. memo had this to say about sending Joe Wilson to Niger:

Here’s a closeup of the document…

And, here’s the transcript from the memo:

Notes: Niger/Iraq uranium meeting CIA 2/19/02

Meeting apparently convened by Valerie Wilson, a CIA WMD managerial type and the wife of Amb. Joe Wilson, with the idea that the agency and the larger USG could dispatch Joe to Niger to use his contacts there to sort out the Niger/Iraq uranium sale question. Joe went to Niger in late 1999 in regard to Niger’s uranium program, apparently with CIA support.

Valerie Plame sent Joe.

A month before Robert Novak wrote his column, Ambassador Joseph Wilson spoke out against the Bush Administration and Israel at the Far-Left 2003 IRAQ FORUM Conference.
The audio is still posted HERE (40:38 in duration)

In his speech, Ambassador Joseph Wilson described himself as the investigator sent to Niger by the government and says the government sent him there and not the CIA (a lie). Wilson said there was nothing to the uranium story (another lie), described the US as “occupiers” of Iraq (a shocking statement at the time), and described a conspiracy to help Israel dominate the Palestinians.

Joe Wilson repeated the lie for several years that the Iraq was not seeking uranium from Niger even though five days after Wilson’s NYT op-ed, George Tenet put out a statement describing how the person the CIA sent to check out the Niger story (Joe Wilson) found that the Iraqis had indeed tried to open up trade talks, which were interpretted by government officials in Niger as an attempt to purchase uranium ore.

And, then there is this news from yesterday…
The AP reported that the last load of Saddam’s uranium was shipped to Canada:

The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program – a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium – reached a Canadian port Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a two-week airlift from Baghdad and a ship voyage crossing two oceans.

The removal of 550 metric tons of “yellowcake” – the seed material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment – was a significant step toward closing the books on Saddam’s nuclear legacy.

It’s a bummer about all of that yellow cake.
It must suck being Joe Wilson today.

Don Surber has more on how George W. Bush saved the world.

American Thinker has more on Saddam’s unreported nuke program.
** Is anyone else wondering why the Bush Administration is not making a big stink out of this?

Jeff Goldstein on Saddam to Joe Wilson– “You’ve got punked!”

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