It Has Begun… NAACP Speaker Insists– If You Do Not Vote For Obama You Are a Racist

It has begun…

New York accidental governor David Paterson used his absolute moral authority card to condemn those who do not vote for the Far Left, grandiose, inexperienced, weak on defense, anti-gun, flip-flopping, Democratic candidate as racists.
The New York Sun reported:

“Can America reject the crucible of race that has dictated and pervaded all of our history to embrace an African American man who has the right polices for the next decade in this country? Can America overlook its past practices that were so grave that in1820 the great Scottish Whig, Sydney Smith, writing in the Edinburgh Review, said of America: ‘How can they protest the tyrannies of Europe when they torture and brutalize one-sixth of its population?’ How can America get past this and elect an African-American president of the United States?” Mr. Paterson said.

He continued: “Can America go past the crippling way that we’ve shot ourselves in the foot over and over, denying opportunity to people who are bright, to people who are qualified, to people who are able because they didn’t look like us, or they didn’t come from where we came from, or they are from a different gender, or they are from the African continent? Can America push that away and find new leadership? We’ll find out in the next few months what America can do.”

Mr. Paterson, who is New York’s first black governor, also turned the focus on himself, strongly suggesting that people have belittled his governorship not because of the unusual way in which he took office but because of his race.

Of course, the same attendees at the NAACP convention admit that an Obama win would not bring an end to racism in this country, either.

This strategy may work with some voters…

But, thankfully not every American is blinded by liberal quilt.

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