Israelis Not Fooled By Obama– Know He Was There For Votes

Barack Obama has a dark closet loaded with anti-Semites and anti-Semitic teachings.
It was no accident that his global Obamapalooza tour touched down in Israel.

President Bush, President Clinton, and campaigner Barack Obama in Jerusalem.

Israelis were not fooled by Obama. They knew he was only in Israel for the Jewish vote.
Daniel Jackson at Sense of Events wrote:

Israelis know in their kishkahs that Obama isn’t here for Israelis. Obama is here for the American Jewish vote. The rank and file Israeli knows that Obama is an outsider here as well as there. There is no connection. There is only coldness and calculation. The AP picture of Obama with Olmert in the Jerusalem Post was a joke–the Two Yo-Yo’s, a good buddy called it. Obama isn’t even attempting to look at Olmert.

There is an acid test Israelis give to visiting dignitaries–a way to watch and measure. Everyone goes to the Yad Hashem to bear witness to the Shoah. Everyone goes to the Western Wall to bear witness to the vortex of Western Culture and Spirituality. The former is a private confrontation with enormity. The latter is a public experience of personal faith. It is the person at the Wall that Israelis watch–How does the stranger come to the perimeter of the sacred space?

For Israelis, the measure of a person is how they handle themselves in strange and awkward situations. At the Wall, there is a culture of response and a way of behaving that is both personal (a manifestation of what is within) and reverential (respecting the externalities).

The critical moment, the transition if you will, occurs at the barrier, not at the Wall. Everyone who enters the enclosed sacred space before the Wall must cover their heads: men wear a kippa or a hat, married women wear scarves or hats or wigs. If you are religious, you wear a kippa or a hat at all times–so you wear your own through the barrier to the Wall. If you don’t have one, men reach into a box at the barrier and put on a rayon “skullcap”, white or black. The meta-message is clear. The latter group of guys are wearing the kippa because they have to–sort of like a flag pin–returning it to the box when they leave.

John McCain and friend Joe Lieberman in Jerusalem (TIME)

Back in March, I wrote about McCain’s tour of Israel before Easter. He went out of the way to learn about Israeli culture and customs and to understand what Israelis were experiencing. He convinced Israelis he was interested in Israelis. It was not how he talked with officials and notaries. It was how he went to the Wall. He didn’t need a “have-to” beanie. He came prepared. He wore the Kippa Sruga of the Modern Orthodox, or central observant Jewish parties. Symbols are serious stuff. He knew he was an outsider, an not a Jew, but at the Wall, he tried and he watched how people responded to the sacred space.


He reached into the box and took a white kippa. No matter how serious he appeared, lost in reverent prayer, he wore the “have to do it or you can’t get in” hat. [AP photo; Jerusalem Post]

In the Global Village, the Medium is the Message, and there is no clearer medium in Israel than the cut of a man’s kippa. From Efrat to Galil, Obama appears as another Carter–an outsider with no interest in Israelis.

Hat Tip Larwyn


UPDATE: Israel’s YNET News has more on Obama: “Wrong man at wrong place”

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