Hah!… Free at Last- Iranian Dissident Batebi Taunts Regime

“Your hands will never reach me.”

Free Iranian Dissident Ahmad Batebi
Taunting the Regime in Iran
New York Times Interview
July 12, 2008

Iranian student activist and dissident Ahmad Betebi was sentenced to death and severely tortured for years in the notorious Evin Prison in Iran. He escaped safely to the United States in late June.

During a break from prison, Batebi fled Iran traveling through a free Iraq to Austria and finally arriving in Washington DC.

Ahmad Batebi arrived in the United States after years of torture and imprisonment. Broke, weak and afraid, Batebi described his flight from Iran through a free Iraq to The New York Times today. He tells of the Iranian agents who followed his escape from Iran and he talks about the day in 1999 that made him famous. It is an unimaginable story of heartache and courage.
Here, Batebi talks about the brutality of the regime:


Mr. Batebi described 17 months in solitary confinement, including repeated torture by interrogators trying to force him to say on television that the famous T-shirt was stained with paint or animal blood.

His jailers thrashed him with a metal cable, beat his testicles and kicked in his teeth, he said. They held his face down in a pool of excrement. They tied his arms behind his back and hung him from the ceiling. At other times, strapping him to a chair, they kept him awake night after night, cutting him and rubbing salt into the wounds.

To stave off madness, he said, he fought back. “If the interrogator cursed me, I would curse him back,” he said. “If the interrogator hit me, I’d try to hit him back.”

What an incredible story.

This is awesome…
At his Yahoo blog, Mr. Batebi taunts the Iranian regime.
His blog reads in Farsi– “Your hands will never reach me” and he includes the instructions to “Click here”:

Click to Enlarge

When you click on the link this photograph pops up:

It shows Ahmad Batebi posing in front of the United States Capitol!

God, they must hate him.

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