Finally… Obama Makes It to Afghanistan For 1st Time …Updated With Video

Barack Obama finally made it to Afghanistan for the first time today.
That about says it all.
We’ve had troops fighting there since 2001.

Hopefully he was able to snag a couple of Arabic speakers from Iraq to help him out while he is there since he doesn’t speak a foreign language.
Do you think he’s embarrassed?

Look for Obama to declare quagmire or defeat or cut and run… or something along that line.


UPDATE: Obama and Chuck Hagel meet with Afghans… Chuck Hagel?
The two Iraq War losers landed in Afghanistan earlier today:

Barack Obama brought to Afghanistan the one Republican who agreed with him that defeat in Iraq was a good thing.
Having Chuck Hagel sitting by his side does not necessarily portray an image of strength, even though he is a Republican– Since they were both wrong on Iraq.

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