Family of 7/7 London Bomber Holds Massive Party At His Grave

There’s a party today in Pakistan celebrating the London bomber and “martyr,” Shehzad Tanweer.

A close friend of London tube bomber Shehzad Tanweer claimed that several people knew about the London tube bombings before they took place…
And, said nothing.

Shehzad Tanweer was a British born Muslim who excelled at sports. He came back to London after attending a Pakistani Koran school where he went to mosque up to five times each day. A picture from London bomber Shehzad Tanweer’s martyrdom video (on right) was released on an Islamic website by Al Qaeda on July 5, 2006, a year after his homicide bombing.

Shehzad Tanweer’s family will spend today, the anniversary of the London tube bombings, holding a party at his gravesite in Pakistan.
JWF and The Evening Standard reported:


Tanweer’s uncle, 42-year-old property developer Tahir Pervez, is organising the celebration in which verses of the Koran will be read out then curry and rice distributed at his home in Samundari.

‘The party is kept very secret from people outside the village but everyone knows it happens every year,’ said one villager who asked not be named.

‘People are invited to join in blessing Shehzad Tanweer’s soul by reading verses from the Koran and they call on us to remember Shehzad as a shahid (martyr).’

The gathering has twice been held in secret – yards from Aldgate bomber Tanweer’s grave which is fiercely protected from outsiders. It is the largest in the cemetery of the village called Chak 477 and is opposite the mosque.

Two of the four London bombers were expectant fathers who never saw their babies.

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