Daddy Gaddafi Quits Pumping Switzerland Oil Over Son's Arrest


Demonstrators hold posters of Hannibal Gaddafi during an anti-Swiss rally outside the Swiss embassy in Tripoli July 24, 2008. OPEC member Libya is halting oil shipments to Switzerland in protest at the arrest of Hannibal, the son of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, workers of state-owned Maritime Transport National Corporation said on Thursday. (REUTERS)

Gaddafi cuts off the tap.
Libyan Leader Moamar Gaddafi says he will quit pumping oil to Switzerland over his sons arrest last week.
Dawn reported:

Libya said on Thursday it would halt fuel supplies to key oil client Switzerland in the latest reprisal for last week’s brief detention in Geneva of a son of Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi.

The supplies affected are those transported by ships operated by Libya’s General National Maritime Transport Company, a statement issued by the company said. Oil transported by commercial vessels will not be affected.

The announcement came as a Swiss delegation held talks with Libyan officials at the foreign ministry in Tripoli in a bid to defuse tensions, diplomatic sources said.

The Swiss foreign ministry has said that the delegation will provide explanations on the arrest of Hannibal Kadhafi, 32, and his wife, on July 15 in a Geneva hotel. The couple was accused of assaulting some of their staff members.

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