Change— Obama Camp Flips On Nascar

More change of mind–
Obama was for fast cars before he was against them.

After the news broke on Friday that Barack Obama would sponsor a race car in NASCAR’s premier series, the Obama Camp turned down a sponsorship deal with NASCAR late on Friday.
CBS8 reported:

NASCAR’s BAM Racing team has presented Barack Obama’s presidential campaign with a potential sponsorship deal in the Sprint Cup series later this year, but it doesn’t look like an Obama car will be burning rubber on the track anytime soon.

BAM team spokesman Rhett Vandiver told The Associated Press on Friday that the team made a sponsorship proposal to the Democratic presidential hopeful’s campaign, and has made similar proposals to the campaign of Republican John McCain and at least one third-party candidate.

Late Friday, the Obama campaign said there would be no sponsorship.

“The Obama campaign will not be sponsoring a car in the Sprint Cup series, though we will continue to look for ways to reach out to voters and convey Senator Obama’s message of change.” said Bill Burton, an Obama campaign spokesman.

It would have been a hastle to immunize all of those staffers anyway.

Vah-Roooom… Obama Plans Campaigning at NASCAR!


UPDATE: A True Obamanation has a picture of the Obama car.
–Notice the Che photo.

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