Bummer… Obama Is Losing Jewish & Evangelical Voters

People of Faith Don’t Have Much Faith in Obama
Barack Obama, the TUCC member for 20 years, is losing evangelicals and Jews.
In fact, Obama has less support from these two critical groups than John Kerry did 4 years ago at this same time.

The fact that Barack and Michelle Obama used to dine frequently with an anti-Israel former PLO operative is a turnoff to some Jewish voters.

Barack and Michelle Obama also attended several events in the Arab community with anti-Israel speakers including this event in May 1998 where Professor Edward Said gave the keynote speech. (Bill Baar’s West Side)

This is not a good sign for The One that he’s losing his flock.


The Corner reported this on Obama’s sagging evangelical support, via Instapundit:

Despite all the hype over Obama’s religious outreach, a new Pew survey indicates Obama actually has slightly less support from evangelicals than John Kerry had at this point four years ago. Not that this translates into evangelical enthusiasm for McCain, but the survey is worth noting for no other reason than it challenges the prevailing media assumptions about how Obama’s overt religiosity is helping his campaign — which my better half details here. It seems to me that this is a classic example of the media trying to force a campaign narrative, regardless of whether it is true.

It’s not just with evangelicals where Obama is having trouble.
His polling numbers with Jewish voters are horrible:

In the past month, one poll found 36 percent of Israelis preferred McCain, versus 27 percent for Obama, while in another, 46 percent of respondents said a McCain presidency “would be better for Israel,” compared to 20 percent who said the same about Obama.

John Kerry carried 74% of the Jewish vote back in 2004.

More… It probably doesn’t help that the Obama website continues to allow anti-Semitic postings.

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