Beautiful!… McCain Trumps Obama's Race Card– Says Criticism Was Legitimate (Video)

It’s not quite clear how McCain pulled this one off, but it looks like he just trumped Obama’s race card.
Somehow McCain was able to diffuse Obama’s race bait and use it against him.
It was a great play!

McCain defended his campaign’s statement earlier that Obama was shamelessly playing the race card: “It’s legitimate. There’s no place in this campaign for that… I’ll let the American people judge.”

TMZ video.

Today John McCain backed up his criticism of Barack Obama for playing the race card.
CNN reported:

McCain’s campaign manager charged that Obama falsely accused the McCain campaign of injecting race into the presidential contest.

Asked by CNN’s John King whether that was fair criticism, McCain said it was.

“I’m sorry to say that it is. It’s legitimate. And there’s no place in this campaign for that. There’s no place for it, and we shouldn’t be doing it,” he said in Racine, Wisconsin.

The Obama campaign has denied the accusation, but McCain said, “I’ll let the American people judge.”

No doubt about it… McCain took that round.
It’s doubtful that Obama’s racebaiting probably will go over too well with the American public.

In his latest pathetic move- Barack Obama says he wasn’t racebaiting when he said the GOP would use use racially-tinged attacks against him.

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