Hah! Obama Demands That "We Must Surrender in Iraq" & "We Must Succeed In Iraq" In Same Paragraph (Video)

Umm… Was that supposed to make sense?
…And, that surender=succeed line was all in one small paragraph of his speech!

Sen. Barack Obama gave an important talk yesterday on his ever changing positions on Iraq and the War on Terror.

In this segment Obama explains how surrendering in Iraq would bring victory:
(41 seconds)

Video from Hannity and Colmes


After purging his website of any disparaging comments against the surge, and after scrubbing comments that Iraq is in a civil war, Barack Obama gave a talk on national security and how it is necessary to surrender the war in Iraq in order to win the war in Iraq.
The New York Times has the transcript:

For weeks, now, Senator McCain has argued that the gains of the surge mean that I should change my commitment to end the war.

But this argument misconstrues what is necessary to succeed in Iraq, and stubbornly ignores the facts of the broader strategic picture that we face.

Does anyone really take this guy seriously?

It’s truly a shame that although Iraq has achieved 15 of 18 benchmarks and violent attacks are down by 90% over last year, that Obama still talks about surrendering Iraq.

Obama needs to review the new Vets for Freedom ad on not quitting in Iraq.

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