Another Huge Blow to Democrats– Iraqi PM Maliki Announces "We Have Defeated the Terrorists!"

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki announced on Saturday–

A US soldier walks by as Iraqi children play in a reopened swimming pool. The public swimming pool in Baghdad’s Zawra park has reopened with Iraqis plunging into the water as US soldiers stood guard. (AFP/Ali al-Saadi)

Obviously, this wonderful news will not make any headlines here at home but it is still fantastic and historic news. It made the news in Great Britain anyway. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki announced today that the terrorists in Iraq have been defeated!
The AFP reported:


Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Saturday that the country’s security forces have managed to save Baghdad from a “siege by terrorists” backed by foreign nations.

“When we took over Baghdad it was under siege, with all roads leading to neighbouring provinces controlled by terrorists. They had surrounded Baghdad from all sides, backed by the bad intentions of other countries,” Maliki told a gathering of top Iraqi and US officials including Washington’s envoy to Baghdad Ryan Crocker.

“We wanted these nations to support and assist us in stabilising the country but they were thinking of finishing Baghdad,” he said, without naming the countries.

“But Baghdad continues to stand,” the Shiite prime minister said in a speech marking the fifth anniversary of the killing of prominent Shiite leader Mohammed Bakr al-Hakim in a 2003 car bombing in the holy city of Najaf.

“Yes, there are still Al-Qaeda militants left but they are being chased. We are hunting them. But we have been able to lift the siege of Baghdad.”

But, this isn’t good news for everyone…
There are those who fought hard to bring down the Iraqi Democracy, including:

** Al-Qaeda- The terror group has lost and is on the run in Iraq
** The Iraq Study Group– Who foolishly expected the surrounding terror regimes to quash the violence in Iraq
** Democrats- Who fought like hell to lose in Iraq– Murtha, Reid, Pelosi— You were wrong, WE WON!
** Barack Obama- Who was wrong about the surge, wrong about the US military, and wrong about turning Iraq over to its dangerous neighbors, and still flip-flopping like a wet noodle on where he stands
** Iraq’s neighbors- They were just outed by the Iraqi Prime Minister. They’re not fooling anyone (except Barack Obama).

Don’t look for this news on the front page…
But thank a soldier, thank a Marine and thank George W. Bush for making this world a safer place.

UPDATE: Aide to General Petraeus: “The progress in Iraq is irreversible. There will be “significant reductions in 2009 whoever becomes president.”
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