Ahmadinejad Reveals His Talks With a US Presidential Candidate

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave a talk recently in the province of ‎Kohkilouyeh va Bouyer-Ahmad. He told his audience that, “The World is With Us.”

Mahmoud also disclosed that he held a discussion with one of the presidential candidates while he was in New York last year.
Iranian Rooz Online reported:

He then reminded his audience that, “There are signs of this retreat all over the world, ‎including inside the US itself. When I was in New York last year, one of the American ‎presidential candidates told me, ‘I wish to advance in this country the very statements ‎that you make there.’ And when I asked him why, he said that people here like these ‎words. Your words resonate here and people embrace them. Today the heart of the whole ‎world is with us. The Iranian is dear wherever he goes around the world. I sent a message ‎to the US when I was in Iraq and asked what they were threatening Iran with. I have seen ‎and have specific information that your very soldiers and military force is with us.”‎

That’s interesting.
Of course this is also the same guy who said that his enemies tried to kill him in Rome with super-secret high intensity X-rays.

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