What Oil Money Will Buy… When You Drill It Yourself

This is what you get when you have the largest economy in the world buying your oil–
Buying your oil because they refuse to develop their own reserves.

The world’s tallest building.

the Burj Dubai, soon to be the tallest building in the world.
One hundred and fifty floors in Dubai. (Flickr)

Indoor desert skiing.

Ski Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort in the world. (Flickr)


A fun car.

This is Prince Waleed’s 38th car. The price was $4.8 million.
Hat Tip David White

New developments.

Doha, Qatar.

A nice home and a car or two to get you to work.

This home is owned by the family of Sheik Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan from the United Arab Emirates.
Hat Tip David White

Your own manmade island.

The image shows this man-made island that lies off the coast of Dubai in
The Persian Gulf. The island is being built from 80 million cubic
Meters of land dredged from the approach channel to the Emirate’s
Jebel Ali Port. (Flickr)

Are you paying enough money for gas, yet?

UPDATE: John McCain recently came out with his Lexington Project for breaking our dependence on foreign oil.

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