Vandals Spray Paint Orlando Police Cars With Racial Slurs– Leave Phony McCain Business Cards?? …Update: The Messages Were Pro-Hillary

This looks really fishy…

Here is a photo of the “business card” that the vandals left on a police lot in Orlando, Florida after they spray-painted the cars with racial slurs.
FOX News Orlando has a link to video HERE.

FOX News Orlando reported:

The Orlando Police Department found dozens of city owned vehicles vandalized Saturday.

The vandal or vandals appear to have political intentions; most of the vehicles were spray painted with anti Obama sayings, with ‘Obama’ misspelled several times. Some of their vehicles had their gas caps removed.

Officials said that gas caps were removed from several of the vehicles and they aren’t sure if gas was stolen or if something could have been added to the tanks that will damage the engines.

The person or persons left a business card with political ramblings and other phrases such as ‘How ‘Bout them Gators’ and ‘Legalize Marijuana/ Stop Building Prisons’.

For one thing the vandals can’t spell…

“Oboma Smoks Crack”– Hmm. Can’t spell Obama?
However, they did spell marijuana correctly.
Looks like the work of little Leftist storm troopers.


UPDATE: FOX News just reported that the messages were anti-Obama and anti-McCain but pro-Hillary?

Jammie Wearing Fool has more on the slurs against McCain and Obama.

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