US Universities Fail Diversity Test at Commencement Ceremonies

Jason Mattera wrote an article for the Washington Times on this year’s lack of diversity at commencement ceremonies this year at US universities.
Here’s a blurb from an uplifting speech to graduates this year:

“Today, this day, 34 Americans will be murdered by guns. And again tomorrow, and the day after. America experiences a Virginia Tech massacre every day … but try finding a majority in Congress who’s willing to stand up and be counted, who’s willing to take on the National Riffle Association. Democrats, Republicans, independents, they’re all terrified. And people die as a result. Children, parents, police officers.”

Great stuff, huh?
It was another year full of liberal poppycock and lacking diversity of thought.
Jason Mattera gives you the sad facts and statistics on another year of commencement indoctrination.

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