TIME Mag Reporter: Trinity UCC Is Typical Black Church (Video)

This won’t bring the flock of white voters back to the church of Obama…
It also won’t calm the fears of Americans who are still absolutely shocked by the video clips of Reverend Wright g*ddaming America from the pulpit…
These same Americans won’t likely vote for a politician who they think will bring those same sick beliefs to the White House.

TIME Magazine reporter, Steven Gray, who attended the Trinity United Church of Christ services this weekend, says that Trinity UCC is the typical black church:

Steven Gray says this about Obama’s decision to leave the hateful church:

“I didn’t pick up any resentment (from TUCC members that the Obama’s had left the church). I think there is a great deal of disappointment that Senator Obama and his family have essentially been forced for political reasons to leave their spiritual home for the last 20 years. It’s a deeply, deeply painful thing certainly for the Obama’s but also for the church.”

…”I’m sure that a lot of things that were said in Trinity to the ears of those who are not familiar with the nuances of the black American experience would find them pretty harsh but I think if you walk into most black churches in America it’s the sort of thing that you are going to hear fairly often. It’s not something people are excusing but it is part of the black American experience.

Related… It should be noted that Obama’s anti-American church has received $15 million in grants from g*ddam America.


UPDATE: Here is the transcript from Barack Obama’s speech the other night when he threw his church of 20 years under the bus with his mentor and his ailing white grandmother.
Obama never did denounce his hateful church:

Question: You said your decision to leave the church was deeply personal but there are people who are going to say this is a politically motivated flip flop, so that combined with this kind of increasingly heated language with John McCain, does that run counter, does that threaten to run counter to your message of this new type of politics?

BO: Well, hold on a second. You’re kind of glomming a couple things on there that I’m not sure work.

Question: [inaudible] is it politically motivated? In the face of controversy you decided to leave your long term church?

BO: I mean look, you guys will pick over whatever we do. Right? I mean, that’s what you do. I am sure there will be a whole host of opinions about it. I have described why I’m doing this. I suspect if you were in my shoes it seems plausible at least that you wouldn’t want your church experience to be a political circus. I think most American people will understand that and wouldn’t want to subject their church to that either. If people have a different opinion about that than that’s their right. But I’ve described why Michelle and I made this decision. Bonnie?

Question: There are a lot of people who look at your church, they rightly or wrongly they look at it and see a controversial church based on what they see in the media, what have you. There will be a lot of people who are not going to be happy with the reason why you left which doesn’t it appear as though you’re denouncing the church? How do you …

BO: I am not denouncing the church. I am not interested in people who want me to denounce the church because it’s not a church worthy of denouncing. And so if they’ve seen caricatures of the church and accept those caricatures despite my insistence that’s not what the church is about, then there’s not much I can do about it.

The fact that Barack Obama would not denounce his church says that he still approves of this racist faith community. In fact it was this anti-white racism that drew Obama to the church in the first place.
This won’t go over well with most levelheaded Americans in November.

UPDATE: Karl offers a different opinion at Protein Wisdom.

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