Taliban Holds Gruesome Public Slaughter in Pakistan

The Taliban beheaded 2 Afghan “spies” with swords today in front of thousands of villagers in Damadola, Pakistan.
The Taliban called the locals to the rally using the loudspeakers of the village mosques.

‘Spies’: Pakistani Taliban get ready to execute the two Afghans – one a former Taliban fighter – accused of spying for the US. (Daily Mail)

The Taliban is back to holding their public executions before the masses.
The Daily Mail reported:

In a shocking display of hardline violence, Taliban militants in northwest Pakistan publicly slit the throats of two Afghans today after they were accused of spying for US forces suspected of launching a missile strike in May.

The two men, one of them a former Taliban fighter, were brought blindfolded before a crowd of several thousand people near the village of Damadola in the Bajaur region on the Afghan border before they were executed.

The crowd shouted: “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) when the Taliban held up the severed heads of the victims who Rehman said were from the eastern Afghan province of Kunar.

Bajaur is one of Pakistan’s seven border regions dominated by ethnic Pashtun tribes and a hotbed of support for the Taliban and al Qaeda.

After the killings, shooting broke out in the crowd but it was not clear why. Two people were killed and seven wounded.

It was not clear if the militants were Obama supporters.

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