Surprise!… Taliban Peace Talks Fail Miserably in Pakistan

The “Obama Plan” on holding peace talks with any rogue regime leader or murderous thug does not appear to be working so well in Pakistan.
The Taliban just butchered 22 local pro-government leaders in a remote Pakistani region. Surprisingly, the peace pacts did not hold up too well with the local terrorists.
The AFP reported:

Militants loyal to Pakistan’s top Taliban leader killed 22 pro-government tribesmen after abducting them during battles to control a town near the Afghan border, officials said Wednesday.

The bloodsoaked, trussed-up bodies were found dumped near the key garrison town of Jandola, where followers of shadowy Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud have been fighting rival tribesmen throughout the week.

The killings underscore concerns among Islamabad’s Western allies about the government’s peace talks with Mehsud, who was blamed by the previous administration for the assassination of ex-premier Benazir Bhutto in December.

“According to our information 22 bodies of peace committee members have been found in Kiriwam village,” district official Barkatullah Marwat told AFP.

A peace committee is a body of tribal elders who are helping the government to tackle militancy in the conservative regions near the Afghan frontier.

“Some of the dead were shot and some had their throats slit,” Marwat said, adding that they were among some 30 tribesmen kidnapped by the militants a day earlier.

Pakistan’s government launched peace talks with Mehsud — who is based in the South Waziristan tribal region, near Jandola — after defeating allies of US-backed President Pervez Musharraf in elections in February.

Mehsud, named along with Pakistan’s army chief in Time Magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people (of course) this year, vowed recently to continue attacks on NATO and US forces in Afghanistan.

It doesn’t look like those peace talks with the Taliban panned out very well.
Hopefully, Americans are paying attention to the Democratic “Obama Plan” at work in Pakistan.

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