STUNNING!!… RNC BLASTS Obama On Free Trade (Video)

The RNC released an ad today that includes “Fast Eddie” Obama’s many, many inconsistent statements on free trade:

How’s that for “change?”
Despite his “overheated and amplified” rhetoric during the Democratic primary, Barack Obama now says that free trade may not be such a bad idea after all.
But, of course, the flyers that he sent out in Ohio didn’t quite convey that message.

Here is a anti-NAFTA flyer sent out by the Obama Campaign to Ohio voters in February saying:
“Only Barack Obama Consistently Opposed NAFTA.”

Obama Flyer from Ohio Daily Blog


This week Obama was for free trade again.
Next week is anybody’s guess.

UPDATE: John McCain accuses Obama of “cowboy deplomacy” over free trade that threatened to undermine relations with Canada. Hah!

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