Shocker!… Obama Headscarf "Victims" Are Friends & Radical Activists… CAIR Is Outraged! …Update: Obama Concedes

Yesterday, it was reported by The Politico that two Muslim women in separate incidents were banned from sitting behind the platform where Obama and Al Gore were going to talk because they were wearing Muslim headscarves.
The two women said they were told it was because they would be in view of the cameras. The Obama campaign called each of the individuals yesterday and apologized for the incident.

But, the story does not end there.
Both of the women are still upset.
And now… US Muslim leaders (CAIR) Thursday urged Barack Obama to personally apologize to two supporters.

Shimaa Abdelfadeel (left) and Hebba Aref (right) are friends and both have a radical Islamic background.


Now, today there is this about the two Muslim women- They’re friends.
The Jewish World Review reported:

Hebba Aref, 25, and her friend, Shimaa Abdelfadeel, received apologies from the campaign Tuesday after they complained that they were not allowed to sit near the podium when campaign volunteers learned that they wear the traditional Muslim head garb called a hijab.

Aref said a group of her friends and friends of Abdelfadeel were approached separately by two different campaign volunteers at Joe Louis Arena. In each case, she said, the friends were told Aref and Abdelfadeel would not be allowed near the stage because of their head scarves.

Today Debbie Schlussel reported that both of the women have radical backgrounds:

Hebba Aref, was an official of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), in charge of proselytizing. The Chicago Tribune identified the MSA as part of the American manifestation of the Sunni terrorist group, Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen–The Muslim Brotherhood. Aref served on the executive board of the University of Michigan-Dearborn’s MSA, which demanded and obtained tax-funded Muslim foot bats at that university, a story I broke on this site last year.

And, Debbie has this on Shimaa:

And Shimaa Abdelfadeel, the other woman allegedly excluded by the Obama campaign, was chair of SAFE, a University of Michigan-Ann Arbor group that hosted the 2002 Divestment Conference against Israel at which “Annihilate the Jews!” was chanted and Islamic Jihad founder Sami Al-Arian was keynote speaker. She’s the author of vehement anti-Israel vitriol and propaganda.

If you think this is the end of the story you are mistaken.
Today, US Muslim leaders urged Barack Obama to personally apologize to the two supporters!
Here comes CAIR:

The Democrat’s campaign has apologized for the snub, which occurred when campaign volunteers at a rally Monday in Detroit, Michigan told the two Muslim women they could not stand behind Obama because of their “hijab” headgear.

But the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) called for a personal apology from Obama to help redress the grievance and also combat growing anti-Islamic sentiment in the United States.

“Although we welcome the Obama campaign’s apology, we are extremely concerned about the level of Islamophobia in our society that would prompt other minorities to view Muslim supporters as potential liabilities,” CAIR’s national legislative director Corey Saylor said in a statement.

“We hope that Senator Obama will personally apologize to the two women and (show) that he decries the current Islamophobic climate in our nation that is not only attacking him, but has even jaded some within his own campaign.”

CAIR, the leading US group for Muslims’ civil rights, also urged Obama to invite the women to the stage during a future campaign event.

So the question now is– Was this staged or purely coincidental?

UPDATE: Obama bows to the altar of CAIR– Calls and apologizes to headscarf “victims”.
Do you suppose we’d see a lot more of that under an Obama presidency?

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