School Teachers Direct Child To Blow Himself Up– Tell Him He Will Not Be Harmed

The “religious” teachers told the poor Pashtun farmer’s son that he would see his parents after his mission.

A Pakistani child was groomed by his religious teachers to become a suicide bomber. He believed he would not be harmed.
The Daily Mail reported:

A teenager seized as he prepared to launch a suicide attack told today how he had been groomed to kill British troops.

Shakirullah Yasin Ali, just 14, spoke up in prison two days after three British soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing in Helmand, bringing UK fatalities in Afghanistan to 100.

“If I had succeeded, I would be dead now,” he said of his own mission in the town of Khost., where he was captured.

“But those who were instructing me said that if I believed in serving God it was my duty to fight against the foreigners. They said God would protect me when the time came.

Interviewed by The Independent newspaper, Shakirullah added: ‘All we were told was the British and the Americans were in Afghanistan and they were killing Muslims.’

The frail Pakistani Pashtun farmer’s son is one of the youngest ever suicide bombing suspects.

He believed he would be going back home after his mission.

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