Ruh-Roh… Another "Major Speech" By Obama– This Time On Patriotism

You’ve got to love this!
Maybe Jeremiah Wright will sing G*d Damn America to get things started…

Barack Obama is going to give a major speech on patriotism today. Let’s hope this one does better than that last “major speech” on racism where he attacked whites for Wright’s racist rants. That one didn’t hold up two moon cycles.

Barack is going to talk about “patriotism” today in Independence, Missouri.
Do you suppose he’ll have a flag pin on?
CNN reported:


Presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama plans to deliver what his campaign is calling a “major speech” Monday, centering around an issue he’s been trying to highlight for months now: his patriotism.

The remarks come in Harry Truman’s hometown of Independence, Missouri, just days before the Fourth of July.

“Sen. Obama will discuss what patriotism means to him and what it requires of all Americans who love this country and want to see it do better,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton wrote in a morning email to reporters.

The Illinois senator has been defending his patriotism ever since the days of Iowa when he was first criticized for not wearing a flag pin — which he now does much more frequently — and when false rumors began circulating that he did not say the Pledge of Allegiance.

To top it off… Obama is going to give a speech tomorrow on faith!
Hah! …I’d pay to see that!

If he’s wise he’ll leave out the part about the white church being the antichrist.

Cindy adds: “Well, great (*not*), perhaps he’ll offer a back flip twist spin with a cherry on top on how he now thinks it’s patriotic to go along with the FISA/telcom immunity bill.”

UPDATE: He fibbed and flip-flopped.

Democracy Project has more on the unpatriotic Obama.

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