Republicans Take Obama's Shady Political Director to Task

More Hope, or Change, or something…
The people in Ohio are calling out Barack Obama on his controversial new staff member.
PolitickerOH reported:

Republicans are attacking Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and his presidential campaign over his new political director who was accused of using felons to get out the vote for the 2004 presidential election in Ohio.

The Obama campaign announced yesterday that Patrick Gaspard will be its new national political director. Gaspard, a New York labor official, was the national field director for America Coming Together during the 2004 cycle. That year the Associated Press reported that ACT under Gaspard paid convicted felons to canvass homes and solicit private information (including Social Security numbers) from voters as part of its GOTV effort. The AP also noted that it is not illegal for felons to canvass, though they are not allowed to vote.

Patrick Gaspard’s liberal organization was hiring murderers and rapists in Missouri to go door to door and sign up the vote.
His organization was later fined $750,000 for their crimes.
This obviously didn’t matter to Obama.

Change?… Obama Camp Signs Up Slimy Voter Fraud Hustler

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