Pressure Builds Against Scandal-Plagued Dems!!… Case Builds For Sen. Conrad's Resignation!

Republican Study Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi today regarding the allegations that that Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (CT) and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (ND) both received preferential treatment on multiple mortgage loans through an elite V.I.P. program at Countrywide Financial. The preferential treatment did not end there and resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in savings for some of the most powerful lawmakers in Congress. The impact of these allegations is exacerbated by the fact that Congress is currently considering a $300 billion bill that would bailout many large mortgage lenders from some of their own bad financial decisions.

The Republican leaders demand that the House of Representatives undertake an investigation with open hearings to determine:
(1) the validity of these charges,
(2) whether the described practices were widespread,
(3) the extent to which this scandal might have affected public policy, and
(4) what steps might be necessary to assure the public that elected officials do not receive such preferential treatment in the future.

The letter has been signed by 28 Members, including Leader John Boehner, Whip Roy Blunt, Conference Chairman Adam Putnam, Chief Deputy Whip Eric Cantor, Conference Vice Chair Kay Granger, and Policy Chair Thaddeus McCotter.
Here is a copy of that letter:


Two influential Democratic senators and a former Clinton official were caught in a loan sleaze this past week.

Nutroots favorite Senator Chris Dodd (D-Con.) on right, and Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND), on left, received special loans that saved them thousands of dollars.
Not only that, but Countrywide also contributed $21,000 to Sen. Dodd’s campaigns.
But, Senators Dodd and Conrad insist they are innocent!

Things do not look good for Senator Conrad…
Say Anything says there is now a strong case demanding that the North Dakota democrat resign from the US Senate.

Instapundit has more on the growing scandal today.

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