OBAMA OR DIE! …DNC McCain Supporter Gets the Boot

Obama or Die… Or, at least get sent home.
This big tent just got a little smaller.

Diane Behrens and delegate Debra Bartosevich (on right) follow speeches in the Hillary Clinton delegate selection room at an earlier Democratic caucus. (Photo by Scott Anderson Journal Times)

Sadly, Wisconsin’s most famous delegate to the DNC Convention in Denver is about to get the boot.
JS.Online reported:

The state party is asking the Democratic National Committee to unseat Debra Bartoshevich, an emergency room nurse from Racine County who was locally elected in May to be a delegate for Hillary Rodham Clinton at the party’s national convention in Denver in August.

In its challenge, the state party argued that Bartoshevich:

• Violated party rules in expressing support for the other party’s presumptive nominee.

• Violated party rules requiring that delegates be “bona fide Democrats who are faithful to the interests, welfare and success of the Democratic Party of the United States.”

• Failed to honor a pledge that delegates sign stating their intent to vote for the party’s presidential ticket in the fall.

The same challenge also stated that the “Democratic Party of Wisconsin and its members have been embarrassed in the local and national media by the decision of Ms. Bartoshevich to endorse Senator McCain.”

Bartoshevich received a copy of the challenge in the mail Wednesday.

“I still very much want to be a delegate for Hillary,” Bartoshevich said Wednesday night. “I still support Hillary Clinton as the nominee. I hope to still go (to Denver). All I can do is sit and wait.”

Bartoshevich made public her support for McCain over Democrat Barack Obama in an interview with the Journal Sentinel this month. Bartoshevich said that she felt the nominating process had been unfair to Clinton and that Obama was inexperienced and risky.

That’s alright, Debra.
There’s room under the GOP tent for you– Just ask Joe Lieberman.


Wow!… WI Democratic Delegate Openly Supports McCain

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