Nazi Tool Pat Buchanan Says Hitler Did Not Plan Holocaust

Buchanan’s Nazi conversion is complete. Today he claims…
“Hitler did not plan to kill the Jews.”

Townhall has Pat Buchanan’s latest outrageous column up today.
For weeks now “conservative” Pat Buchanan in promoting his new book has been publishing articles sympathetic of the Nazis and Hitler.
But, today’s article reaches a new low.
Buchanan claims that Hitler did not plan to kill the Jews but that it was a consequence of WWII, a war he blames on the Brits(?):

That Hitler was a rabid anti-Semite is undeniable. “Mein Kampf” is saturated in anti-Semitism. The Nuremberg Laws confirm it. But for the six years before Britain declared war, there was no Holocaust, and for two years after the war began, there was no Holocaust.

Not until midwinter 1942 was the Wannsee Conference held, where the Final Solution was on the table.

That conference was not convened until Hitler had been halted in Russia, was at war with America and sensed doom was inevitable. Then the trains began to roll.

And why did Hitler invade Russia? This writer quotes Hitler 10 times as saying that only by knocking out Russia could he convince Britain it could not win and must end the war.

Hitchens mocks this view, invoking the Hitler-madman theory.

“Could we have a better definition of derangement and megalomania than the case of a dictator who overrules his own generals and invades Russia in wintertime … ?”

Christopher, Hitler invaded Russia on June 22.

The Holocaust was not a cause of the war, but a consequence of the war. No war, no Holocaust.

So what exactly is he saying– that the Holocaust only became “necessary” after the war started?
This dude is scary.

Charles Johnson has now banned Townhall from LGF for continuing to carry Buchanan’s dangerous posts.

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