McCain Gets Surprise Endorsement— His Former Jailor at the Hanoi Hilton

Wow!… Now this is an Amazing Endorsement!

While Barack Obama gathers the endorsements of every violent tyrant, regime, and terror group, John McCain scores an amazing endorsement from the man who kept him captive for 5 years in North Vietnam.

The “Hanoi Hilton” is now a museum – containing McCain’s air force suit. (BBC News)


Blue Grass, Red State has more on the endorsement by Vietnam jailor Tran Trong Duyet.

The BBC reported:

“McCain is my friend,” said 75-year-old Mr Duyet as he feeds the caged birds he now keeps in his garden in this coastal city.

“If I was American, I would vote for him.”

Mr. Duyet is talking about prisoner “624787”:

The AFP reported:

Republican US presidential candidate John McCain got some unexpected support on Monday from his former Vietnam war jailer, who said he would vote for the former navy pilot if he could.

Speaking to the BBC from Haiphong, Tran Trong Duyet also insisted that McCain’s assertions that he was tortured during his time at the prison were lies, and that no one held there was ever subjected to torture.

Describing McCain as his “friend”, Duyet told the broadcaster: “If I was American, I would vote for him.”


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