Lieberman Goes Off!… Blasts Obama For Accepting Defeat in Iraq

The former Democratic nominee for Vice President Senator Joe Lieberman blasted the Democratic Party and Barack Obama on Face the Nation this morning.

Lieberman pointed out how if we would have done what Barack Obama and democrats wanted to do today Iraq would be run by Al-Qaeda and Iran instead of the current democratically elected government.
(1 minute 9 seconds)

Senator Lieberman did not hesitate to voice his disagreements against the party leadership:

If we had done what Senator Obama asked us to do for the last couple of years, today Iran and al Qaeda would be in control of Iraq. It would be a terrible defeat for us and our allies in the Middle East and throughout the world. Instead, we’ve got a country that’s defending itself, that’s growing economically, where there’s been genuine political reconciliation, and where Iran and al Qaeda are on the run. And that’s the way it ought to be.”

Meanwhile… Democrat Wesley Clark said that John McCain was “untested and untried.”
It’s unlikely that will stick.

In this Sept. 14, 1973, file photo John McCain is greeted by President Richard Nixon, left, in Washington, after McCain spent more than five years in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp, know as the ‘Hanoi Hilton’, before being released in March 1973. Prodded on the 2008 campaign trail to talk about his compelling personal story, McCain usually demurs. ‘I’m very reluctant to do so, as you know,’ he says. (AP-Yahoo)


Wesley Clark said that Obama was: “Running on the strengths of character, on the strengths of his communication skills, on the strengths of his judgment.”
It’s not clear if he referring to the 20 year relationship Obama had with TUCC and Rev. Wright with that statement.

Clark also attacked McCain’s heroic service but gave Obama a pass for not serving at all?
Needless to say, Wesley wasn’t making much sense this morning.

UPDATE: In related news, Think Progress lies about John McCain.

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