Iran Sentences Israeli Spy to Death

The Iranian Regime sentenced Ali Ashtari to death today. They claim that Ashtari was a spy working for the Zionist Regime. (ISNA)

An Iranian businessman confessed in Iranian court today that he was an Israeli spy knowing that the sentence for such a crime is death.
Iranian Fars News reported:

An Iranian revolutionary court sentenced a man to death Monday on charges of spying for Israel.

It was the country’s first known conviction for espionage linked to Israel in almost a decade.

Ali Ashtari, a 45-year-old salesman of electronic merchandise, had a job supplying military, security and defense centers across the country with electronic devices.

An unnamed intelligence official told the state-run tv that Ashtari “relayed sensitive information on military, defense and research centers” to Israeli intelligence officers.

Ashtari, who was arrested in 2007, tried to “create a link” between Iranian experts and Israeli agents, the unnamed Iranian official said.

Ashtari, who was arrested about 18 months ago by the Iranian Intelligence, admitted during the court session that he had met with three Mossad agents abroad.

Fars News has more on the story.
It would be interesting to hear the rest of this story.

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