Iran Dismisses Obama's Threats As Opportunistic & Contrary to His Campaign Promises

The mullahs were miffed but not fooled…
The regime in Iran dismissed Barack Obama’s threats at AIPAC as opportunistic and contrary to his campaign promises.
IRNA reported:

“This (the US presidential candidate’s claim) is a fully one-sided and unreal assessment, is in open contradiction with realities concerning peaceful nature of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and is unjustified.”

He regretted over such “opportunistic attitudes” and said the claim stems from Zionists’ insinuations and the candidate’s wrong concept.

The candidate’s stances are contrary to his campaign promises to counter lobbyism in the US and the Americans and the US elite are concerned over the fact that the US’ independent position is getting undermined, he added.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry official said that Iran’s policy on the world independent and freedom loving nations concords with the well-established international principles and values, including the UN Charter, and the policies will continue to be in effect.

The Iranian regime was noting the fact that Barack Obama says he will meet with Iranian leaders without preconditions:

This is also posted on Obama’s website.
This is the line the Iranian regime is referring to:

Diplomacy: Obama is the only major candidate who supports tough, direct presidential diplomacy with Iran without preconditions.

Power Line agreed with the regime.

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