HuffPo Loses It– Says Bush Is Just Like Robert Mugabe

Bush Derangement Syndrome reaches a new low…
Huffington Post writer Michael Carmichael, a former advisor to Zimbabwean Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, says President Bush is on the same level as the despotic tyrant and killer Robert Mugabe.

Huffington Post reported:

As a former advisor to Morgan Tsvangirai, I am compelled to offer the following observations on the recent attempt by President George W. Bush to appear less despotic than the reviled president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe…

As the most unpopular president in US history now in the waning months of his forlorn presidency Bush frets and yearns for his place in history. With his presidency marred by an illegal war, stained by war-crimes, tattooed by torturers and infected with the historical equivalent of the AIDS virus, cancer and clinical insanity, Bush is now seeking a phantasmagoric form of presidential redemption. In recent weeks, Bush made his hand-wringing farewell tour of the globe to pose and plead on the world stage in the vain hope of redeeming his pathetic presidency…

…You get the idea.
What an ignorant loon. You have to be hard pressed to compare Bush with the man who implemented the “bring out the trash” campaign.
It was probably a good move that Tsvangirai canned him.

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