Hezbollah Stones US Ambassador's Motorcade in Lebanon

Hezbollah sent out the welcoming committee today to greet the US ambassador.

Hezbollah, the terrorist group supported by Barack Obama’s former church of 20 years, stoned the US ambassador’s car today in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah stoned the US ambassador’s car in southern Lebanon today. (Ya Libnan)

The Hezbollah supporters were chanting at the US ambassador before they stoned her car. She was not hurt in the attack but a security guard was hurt.
The AFP reported:


A Lebanese guard working for the US embassy in Beirut was slightly hurt when Hezbollah supporters stoned a US motorcade driving through south Lebanon on Wednesday, a US official said.

“There were no serious injuries” in the incident in the village of Nabatiyeh, State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey told reporters in Washington.

“I do understand that one of our security guards — one of the local Lebanese security guards — did get hit in the leg by one of the stones that was thrown,” Casey said.

But he understood the guard “did not require any kind of medical treatment or certainly hospitalization.”

Casey said the incident happened when one of the cars in the motorcade broke down and the charge d’affaires, Michele Sison, and the others in the group decided to stop in the village for lunch while the car was being repaired.

Sison was invited to lunch by a village family, he added.

Around a dozen individuals — mainly young men — “started throwing some stones at the vehicles” after the car was repaired and the motorcade prepared to depart, Casey said.

“Charge Sison was able to carry out the rest of her visit and ultimately returned back to the embassy in Beirut,” he said.

Sweetness and Light has more on the Hezbollah attack.

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