Hah!!… Democrats Slap Down "Racist" Clintons One Last Time Before She Drops Out

A New Jersey Representative slapped down the racist Clinton Machine one last time before Hillary drops from the race on Saturday.
Rep. Rob Andrews says the Clintons were exploiting tensions between blacks and Jews.
The Star-Ledger reported:

A Democratic superdelegate from New Jersey said this week he is worried that unifying the party behind Barack Obama may be difficult because the Clinton camp “has engaged in some very divisive tactics and rhetoric it should not have.”

U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews, who supported Hillary Clinton throughout the primary season, disclosed he received a phone call shortly before the April 22 Pennsylvania primary from a top member of Clinton’s organization and that the caller explicitly discussed a strategy of winning over Jewish voters by exploiting tensions between Jews and African-Americans.

“There have been signals coming out of the Clinton campaign that have racial overtones that indeed disturb me,” Andrews said at his campaign headquarters in Cherry Hill Tuesday night after he lost his bid for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination.

“Frankly, I had a private conversation with a high-ranking person in the campaign … that used a racial line of argument that I found very disconcerting. It was extremely disconcerting given the rank of this person. It was very disturbing.”

Wow! Talk about kicking her while she’s down!

Ace has the Hillary Campaign response.


Pass the popcorn, Nahanni.

UPDATE: Rep. Rob Andrews wins this week’s Scott McClellan Award at Urgent Agenda.

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