DEMS JUMP SHIP— 2 More Moderates Stray From Obama …Update: Yikes! One More

This can’t be a good sign for Democrats, considering Far-Left Obama just won the nomination last week…

Rep. Travis Childers (D-MS), on left, and Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC), on right, won’t back Barack Obama.
More bad news for hope and change.
2 more Moderate Democrats bail on Obama.
The Politico reported:

Rep. Travis Childers, elected just weeks ago in a Mississippi special election, hasn’t endorsed anyone in the presidential race yet. “We have had our head down at work, trying to get our feet on the ground up here,” said Childers’ chief of staff, Brad Morris. “The presidential politics just has not been on our mind.”

Rep. Heath Shuler, a freshman Democrat from right-leaning North Carolina, has also been too busy to endorse. After Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton carried his district in the North Carolina primary, Shuler said he would cast his superdelegate vote for her at the Democratic convention.

Now that Clinton is out of the race? “We’ve gone back to his work up there in the House,” said Shuler spokesman Andrew Whalen. “We’re not really too focused on the presidential [race].”

This follows Tuesday’s news that:
Dem Rep. Dan Boren Will Not Endorse “Liberal” Obama
Jewish Dem donor joins McCain team

UPDATE: Oops! There goes another one… Georgia Rep. Jim Marshall won’t endorse Obama.

Rep. Jim Marshall (D-GA) won’t endorse the most liberal senator for president.

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