Castro Threatens Brave Cuban Blogger Yoani Sanchez

Yoani Sánchez blogs at Generación Y ( from Havana.
She was one of TIME magazine’s Top 100 for 2008

Yoani Sanchez was awarded the Premio Ortega y Gasset de Periodismo (Ortega y Gasset Journalism Award) in Spain but has not been able to get it because of the travel restrictions on Cubans by the Castros led Cuban regime. Recently, Fidel Castro singled out Sanchez out in his book on Bolivia.

Reinaldo Escobar, Yoani’s husband (not verified), left this comment on a previous post this week:

Written by:Reinaldo Escobar in Desde Aquí

The ex-president Fidel Castro has just published a prologue of the book “Fidel, Bolivia and Something More” in which he denigrates the blog Generación Y, which my wife writes on the internet. From the first day she has put her full name (which he omits) with her photo in view of the readers in order to sign the texts that she writes for the sole purpose, confessed repeated times, of vomiting everything in our reality that nauseates her.

The ex-president disapproves of the fact that Yoani has accepted this year’s Ortega and Gasset prize for digital journalism. arguing that this is something fostered by imperialism in order to drive the waters of it’s mill. I recognize the right of this man to make this comment, but I permit myself to make the observation that the responsibility implied in receiving a prize will never be comparable to that of awarding it, and Yoani, at least, has never placed a medal on the chest of any corrupt official, traitor, dictator or murderer.

I make this clarification because I remember perfectly well that it was the author of these reproaches who put (or ordered put) the Order of José Martí on the most terrible and undeserving of all possible lapels: Leonid Ilich Brezhnev, Nicolae Ceausescu, Todor Yivkov, Gustav Husak, Janos Kadar, Mengistu Haile Mariam, Robert Mugabe, Heng Samrin, Erich Honecker and others that I have forgotten. I would like to read, in the light of these times, a reflection that justifies those inappropriate honors that, to drive the water of other mills, sullied the name of our apostle.

It’s true that the name of the philosopher Ortega y Gasset can be equated with elitist and even reactionary ideas, but at least, in difference from those decorated by the author of the prologue, he never launched tanks against his nonconformist neighbors, or built palaces, or imprisoned anybody that thought differently than him, or left his followers in the stockade, or amassed fortunes with the misery of his people, or constructed camps of extermination, or gave the order to shoot those who, in order to escape, jumped over the wall of their patio.

The Real Cuba has more on Castro’s attacks on Yoani Sanchez including his belief that, the popular blogger’s comments fuel attacks against Cuba(?)
What a courageous young woman!

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