Bummer. Obama Caught In a Major Lie In Very First Election Ad

“That’s why I passed laws moving people from welfare to work… cut taxes for working families… extended healthcare for wounded troops that had been neglected (Public Law 110-181). I approve of this message because I’ll never forget those values.”

Barack Obama
“The Country I Love”
First General Election Ad

Bummer– Barack Obama says he’ll never forget those “Kansas Values” from his grandparents but it looks like he already has.

Here is a frame from Obama’s very first general election ad:

Obama says that he “extended healthcare for wounded troops that had been neglected” and cited Public Law 110-181 as proof of this.


The problem is: Obama didn’t show up to vote. Only 9 senators voted the bill down or did not show up to vote.
Obama was one of the 9.
The bill passed the senate 91 to 3… without Obama’s vote.

Weekly Standard Blog mentioned this yesterday.

Obama Gaffes says this isn’t the first time this has happened.

UPDATE: Power Line has more on The Uniter’s dishonest ad.

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