Bill O'Reilly Skewers "Naive" Scott McClellan (Video)

Scott McClellan knew exactly what he was doing when he released his book against his former friend, President Bush.

Tonight he stepped into the No Spin Zone and Bill O’Reilly gave him exactly what any traitor in his shoes deserves.
This was not one of the typical fluff interviews that he was getting from the rest of the Bush-haters in the media:
(1 minute 39 seconds)

Closing Observation: If Scott McClellan could have done as well with the White House Press Corps as he did with Bill O’Reilly he would have been an effective White House Press Secretary.
Unfortunately, that was never the case.

NewsBusters is reporting that Scott McClellan originally planned to attack the liberal media and defend Bush.


UPDATE: Peter Wehner at Commentary Magazine has more on McClellan’s not so convincing shtick on the Bush Administration.

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