Barack Obama: Bastard Child?… Or Son of a Bigamist?

Barack Obama is caught in a birth certificate quagmire.
Obama will not release this document.

Barack Obama Sr. left Barack when he was 2. He did come back and visit his son one other time before his death. Obama Sr. had 8 children with 4 different women.

There are longstanding rumors going around about why he will not release this this information including that he was born in Kenya and that his real name is Barry.

But, maybe it comes down to this…
Barack Obama Senior was married to his first African wife, Kezia, when he came to Hawaii to study. They had one son Roy and she was pregnant with daughter, Auma, when he flew to America.


It is not clear if Barack Obama Sr. and 18 year old Ann Dunham were married when Barrack Obama Jr. was born.
The birth certificate may hold this information.

This may help settle the argument on whether Obama is a illegitimate child or the son of a bigamist.

More… Joshua adds this from Michelle Malkin‘s website:

A commenter by the name of Larraby at Michelle Malkins sums of the slime tactics of the left…

“The New York Times ran a huge front page article about John McCain being born in the Panama Canal Zone and whether McCain is disqualified to be president. The New York Times ran a huge front page article and an editorial claiming that McCain would not release his medical records to the NY Times. The NY Times did a huge front page article with “unnamed sources” claiming McCain had an extramarital affair. As for Obama, the Times has never once examined his citizenship issues (fair is never fair with the Times) and never addressed his top advisor Jim Johnson getting sweetheart loans from Countrywide that were not available to working folks. This is what passes for fairness at the New York Times.”

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