Bang! Bang!… Bambi Gunned Down on YouTube

Which is it senator?
Are you for the DC gun ban?… Or, are you against the DC gun ban?
…For or against?
Video via HotAir:

He was for the DC gun ban (only 4 months ago) before he was against it.

Do you suppose the most liberal senator is trying to disguise his radical past of opposing the manufacture, sale and possession of hand guns to appear more moderate?
He wouldn’t do that would he?

Here is a copy of a questionaire signed by Barack Obama that was submitted to an Illinois voter’s group where he recorded his antigun agenda, via The Politico:

Click to Enlarge
From the answers on the questionaire it is clear that the most liberal senator is not the moderate he wants to portray to the American public.
…By a long shot.


More… And, Obama voted 4 times to allow criminal charges against homeowners who defended their homes and property with a gun.
He’s definitely not the person he wants you to believe he is.

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