Anglican Bishop: Tackle Global Warming Or Be Like the Austrian Dungeon Incest Dad

Comparing global warming agnostics to Hitler just would not do…
Instead, the Bishop of Stafford wrote that global warming deniers are just like Josef Fritzl.

Josef Fritzl locked his daughter in a dungeon in 1984 and sexually abused, raped, and physically assaulted for 24 years.
Do you think the good bishop would make the same comparison about his Christian belief?
He appears to have his priorities out of whack.
The BBC reported:

People who fail to tackle climate change are acting like an Austrian man who locked his daughter in a cellar for 24 years, an Anglican bishop has said.

The Bishop of Stafford, Gordon Mursell, wrote in a parish letter that not confronting global warming meant people were “as guilty as” Josef Fritzl.

It meant future generations would be left in a futureless world, he said.

Mr Mursell added he was not accusing people of being child abusers but shocking analogies were needed.

In a letter featured in parish magazines in the Diocese of Lichfield, the bishop wrote: “Josef Fritzl represents merely the most extreme form of a very common philosophy of life: I will do what makes me happy, and if that causes others to suffer, hard luck.

Is anyone else struggling with the connection between Fritzl and global warming?

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