Ahmadinejad Announces He Is Ready To Meet With US Leader

Iran is hoping for “change” in America.


Ahmadinejad announced this week in Italy that he is ready to meet with anyone…
As long as they are not from the stinking Zionist regime.
Fars News reported:

“Whoever wins the elections, I’m sure that the United States will change, it will have a different approach,” Ahmadinejad told the Italian daily La Repubblica.

Asked whether he would negotiate with the new US leadership who will come to power January 2009, Ahmadinejad said, “It is they who cut off the links with us, hoping to suffocate us. Today Iran is an advanced country. We are ready for dialogue with anyone, except with the ‘Zionist’ regime, in relations based on mutual respect and fairness.”

As a side note: Iran’s Fars News was shut down by the regime for a few days but is not back up and running.

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