Wash U Leftist Brats Harass Phyllis Schlafly …Update: The Leftists In the Audience Protest Too! (Video)

This year it’s not just the students and it’s not just the profs… It’s all of the Leftists in the audience that are protesting the conservatives at graduation!
What’s next with these people?

UPDATE: This is what the Left is doing to this country…
The liberal fascists are no longer willing to respect any differing opinions!
They even abuse 83 year-old women!

Here is video of the shameful graduation display today at Washington University in St. Louis:

Today at the graduation ceremony at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, Leftist students, faculty, parents and guests stood up and turned their backs on 83 year-old conservative author, speaker and activist, Phyllis Schlafly.
This is your American Left!!!
Unwilling to debate- Unwilling to respect opposing views!
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It’s graduation season…
And, the little Leftist punks are aiming to appease their socialist professors one last time before they leave leave the reeducation camp.

The young socialists even set up a website opposing the university’s decision to give Schlafly an honorary degree at graduation.
The students have been protesting conservative Christian Phyllis Schlafly all week at Washington University in St. Louis.
Tonight at the graduation ceremony dozens of the disrespectful little brats stood up and turned their backs on the conservative icon.
The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported:

Some felt the silent protest with white armbands and the dramatic turning of backs was disrespectful.

But those who took part said it was a fitting way to show their disapproval that Washington University was honoring a woman whose views and life’s work they strongly disagree with.

For her part, Phyllis Schlafly, the 83-year-old at the center of the controversy, said she thought it was “juvenile” of students who were “raining on their own parade.” But it didn’t ruin her moment, she said.

At today’s commencement ceremony held on a sunny Brookings Quadrangle, Schlafly did not seem to notice the hundreds of backs turned to her while a citation heralding her accomplishments was read. A tense hush settled over the gathering of more than 14,000 people. Schlafly responded with a tranquil smile she held for several minutes as she was given an honorary doctorate of humane letters.

Margaret Bush Wilson, a retired civil rights attorney, volunteered to introduce Schlafly as faculty and students were calling on the university to rescind the degree. Wilson said after the ceremony that while she does not agree with many of Schlafly’s views, she is a strong advocate of free speech.

“Vigorous, free-flowing debate is the cornerstone of our American life,” Wilson said at today’s ceremony.

Phyllis Schlafly, the conservative activist and founder of the Eagle Forum, called the protests “juvenile.”

This is frightening and it is no different than what has happened in any other Leftist socialist state.
The moderates or conservatives are assaulted, attacked, protested, abused until they are silenced.

Hilmar Von Campe, a former Nazi youth, was correct when he said today’s Leftist youth act like Hitler’s storm troopers.

UPDATE: Dave in Boca is right. The Left today shows more respect for Iran’s Ahmadinejad, who promises to wipe out the Jews, than to conservatives.
Wash U ought to be very proud.

UPDATE 2: Unfortunately, pointing out inappropriate thuggish behavior on the Left gets you labeled a racist in some circles… Racist?

UPDATE 3: The Anchoress calls this “Obnoxism” – Taking an obnoxious, infantile and ultimately extremely illiberal behavior and then encouraging others in it until a vast crowd turns its back on an 83 year old woman.

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