VIOLENCE RAGES IN LEBANON- 29 Dead– 6 Murdered at Sunni Funeral- Obama Takes Heat

Syrian or Hezbollah militants fired on a Sunni funeral today in Beirut.
6 people were killed.

People react as an ambulance arrives at the site of shooting in Beirut, Lebanon, Saturday, May 10, 2008. Unknown gunmen opened fire on a funeral procession Saturday in a Sunni neighborhood of Beirut killing two and wounding six, a day after Shiite gunmen swept through the Lebanese capital’s Muslim sector, police said. (AP)

Six people died when Hezbollah militants fired on a Sunni funeral in Beirut on Saturday.
NDTV reported:

Violence raged in Lebanon for a fourth straight day leaving 11 people dead on Saturday as tension gripped the country after Hezbollah seized control of west Beirut in what the West-backed coalition branded an armed coup.

The death toll from the fighting between mainly Sunni supporters of the ruling bloc and Shiite members of the opposition hit 29, prompting Prime Minister Fuad Siniora to announce an address to the nation as Lebanon teetered dangerously close to a new civil war.

Five people were killed in north Lebanon in clashes between the rival supporters, a security official said.

In the capital, six people were killed when gunmen opened fire at the funeral procession of a Sunni civilian killed in earlier clashes.

”We have six dead and 20 injured, six of them in critical condition,” an official at Beirut’s Makassed hospital said.

People carry an injured man on a stretcher, following a shooting at a funeral in Beirut, Lebanon, Saturday, May 10, 2008. (AP)


Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora has said his country would not fall to Hezbollah in his first public speech since the Iranian-backed militant group started its military coup.

Barack Obama is getting flack in Lebanon for his empty words on creating “dialogue”- Here and here:

Barack Obama issued a statement mainly made up of standard American boilerplate regarding Hezbollah. However, given the running coup d’etat in the country, there is a bizarre focus on “work[ing] with the international community and the private sector to rebuild Lebanon and get its economy back on its feet.” I am also outraged that he neglected to mention the pressing issue of civil marriage.

Unfortunately, if Obama wins in the fall the world can expect to hear 4 years of empty statements like that one.

Lebanese blogger Failasoof makes this confession:

I was wrong….
When I defended HA

I was wrong….
When I considered it a legitimate “resistance”

I was wrong….
When I went into endless argument that HA is one of us

I was wrong….
When I thought that the “Arsenal” will never be used against other Lebanese

I was wrong….
When I asked the whole world to condemn Israeli savage on Liban, and never mentioned HA

I was wrong,
When I had a small hope that one day, we can see a free Liban without having to go into bloody clashes with HA

To correct my mistakes, I want to say I’m sorry.
To correct my mistakes, I must call things by its name

HA: A Sectarian, fundamentalist, terrorist MILITIA.

We won’t give up, we won’t stop. Our dream of a free, democratic, independent Liban will come true. You can occupy us, you can kill us, but you will NEVER EVER take away our FREEDOM…

I am reposting this…
If you have not seen this video of a Lebanese child caught in a Hezbollah ambush in Beirut take a minute and watch this.
You won’t forget it–
This is Hezbollah:

Charles Thurman at Pajamas Media has more on the trapped citizens in Beirut.

Michael Totten looks at the history of Lebanon to make predictions on its future and concludes, “There will be no real peace in Lebanon until Hezbollah is disarmed or destroyed.”

And… The Iranian regime continues to blame Israel and the US for the violence.

Beirut Spring has a report from the ground in Beirut.

Atlas Shrugs blames Kerry, Pelosi and the other asshats who traveled to Syria to kiss some Assad a$$.

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