VIDEO– Edinboro Peace Thugs Boot & Pummel Military Wife!!


This video will make you sick to your stomach.
Keep you eye on the raging peace thug in the white dress and boots:

Erietube has another version of the attack. It also shows the unhinged peace thug in the white dress attack the Swartout’s son filming the incident. She had threatened him earlier.

The Swartout Family was attacked by unhinged Leftist peace thugs in Edinboro, Pennsylvania.
Gathering of Eagles New York has the latest report.


The video shows that every physical action was initiated by the peace thugs.
Every action that escalated the conflict was started by the peace thugs.
They were out of control and unrestrained in their actions.
Every physical action taken by the veteran and his family was in self defense or in seeking to stop the violence.

The Swartout’s son was filming the protest where the peace thugs continually blocked his view and threatened him. They kept whining, “Please respect us,” before they beat the hell out of his mother.

Carrie Swartout suffered a concussion from the kick to the head.

Peace Thugs, Profs & Hillary Supporters Assault Iraq War Vet
More… The Edinboro “Peace” Thug’s Assault on Iraq War Vet

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