Starving FARC Leader Surrenders in Colombia– Responsible For Murder of President Uribe's Father

Pro-American Colombian President Alvaro Uribe lands another big FARC fish.
The Colombian government blames Moreno for the 1983 death of the father of President Alvaro Uribe, who took office in 2002 with a vow to crush the rebels- CNN.

FARC rebel commander Nelly Avila Moreno (L), also known as “Karina”, is escorted by a police officer in Medellin May 18, 2008. Moreno surrendered herself to the Colombian authorities in Antioquia province, the Defense ministry said. (REUTERS)

FARC leader Karina was nearly dead from starvation when she surrendered.
The BBC reported:

A leading commander of the Farc rebels in Colombia has surrendered to the authorities, officials say.

Nelly Avila Moreno, known as Karina, was blamed for a string of murders and abductions, and for extortion in the north-western Antioquia region.

Her surrender is a coup for President Alvaro Uribe who made her a priority target for the security forces in 2002, the BBC’s Jeremy McDermott says.

Farc has been fighting to overthrow the government for more than 40 years.

Karina was “nearly dying of hunger” when she and another guerrilla, known as Michin, handed themselves in, Colombian Defence Minister Juan Manuel Santos said.

Karina’s surrender is the third significant setback to the FARC this year.

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