Sick!… Obama's Letter to Lebanon Echoes Hezbollah Talking Points

Well, Barack Obama already has:

** The Hamas vote
** The Iranian regime’s vote
** The Gaza vote
** The FARC vote
** Moammar Ghaddafi’s vote
** Fidel Castro’s vote
** Nicaraguan Marxist leader Daniel Ortega’s vote
** Other assorted America-haters’ votes, not to mention his pastor’s vote

Now it looks like Obama’s shooting for (no pun intended) the Hezbollah vote!


Barack Obama unleashed a firestorm in Lebanon today after releasing a statement on this week’s Hezbollah terrorist coup.

Here is Obama’s statement:

Hezbollah’s power grab in Beirut has once more plunged that city into violence and chaos. This effort to undermine Lebanon’s elected government needs to stop, and all those who have influence with Hezbollah must press them to stand down immediately. It’s time to engage in diplomatic efforts to help build a new Lebanese consensus that focuses on electoral reform, an end to the current corrupt patronage system, and the development of the economy that provides for a fair distribution of services, opportunities and employment. We must support the implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions that reinforce Lebanon’s sovereignty, especially resolution 1701 banning the provision of arms to Hezbollah, which is violated by Iran and Syria. As we push for this national consensus, we should continue to support the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Siniora, strengthen the Lebanese army, and insist on the disarming of Hezbollah before it drags Lebanon into another unnecessary war. As we do this, it is vital that the United States continues to work with the international community and the private sector to rebuild Lebanon and get its economy back on its feet.

AK at From Beirut to the Beltway was not amused with Obama’s empty words:

Oh the time we wasted by fighting Hizbullah all those years with rockets, invasions of their homes and shutting down their media outlets. If only we had engaged them and their masters in diplomacy, instead of just sitting with them around discussion tables, welcoming them into our parliament, and letting them veto cabinet decisions. If only Obama had shared his wisdom with us before, back when he was rallying with some of our former friends at pro-Palestinian rallies in Chicago. How stupid we were when, instead of developing national consensus with them, we organized media campaigns against Israel on behalf of the impoverished people who voted for them.

David Kenner poked fun of Obama’s empty rhetoric:

Barack Obama issued a statement mainly made up of standard American boilerplate regarding Hezbollah. However, given the running coup d’etat in the country, there is a bizarre focus on “work[ing] with the international community and the private sector to rebuild Lebanon and get its economy back on its feet.” I am also outraged that he neglected to mention the pressing issue of civil marriage.

And, Jeha’s Nail pointed this out– Obama was actually echoing the words of Hezbollah terrorists in his message today to Lebanon:

Yes, we all want those things, and more; it’s our country after all.
However, note the fact that he makes no mention of the necessary presidential election. Interestingly, this demand for electoral reform is not far from “opposition” (Hezbollah) demands, formulated before the current mess.

Could someone tell that neophyte that he is not yet President of the United States? He will have plenty of chances to “engage” with Syria at our expense, when or if he becomes “President of these 57 states“.

Sure enough- electoral reform- mentioned by Obama is one of Hezbollah’s main objectives in gaining power over the democratically elected majority in Lebanon.
This is from the Hezbollah Memorandum of Understanding:

“Reforming and organizing Lebanese political life require the adoption of a modern electoral law (of which proportional representation may be an effective form) that guarantees the accuracy and fairness of popular representation.”

Electoral reform is the only way the minority Hezbollah faction can make hold power and make it look legitimate.

Otherwise, they just look like terrorist thugs shooting up the city.

It’s not surprising then that the people of Lebanon would be upset with Obama.
It’s also not surprising that the terror groups are throwing their support behind him.
More hope and change– For Hezbollah.

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